Bitcoin Forex Trading

How To Trade Forex with Bitcoin

Bitcoin makes everything easier, including trading forex, stocks, & CFDs.  Bitcoin lets traders worldwide easily fund their accounts with collateral and withdraw their profits without verifying personal information, using a bank account, or deposit & withdrawal fees.  Not only is this great for privacy, but it speeds up the process tremendously.  If you are using a bitcoin forex trading platform you can create and fund your account in about 30 minutes, then start trading immediately.  Without bitcoin, you would need to verify your identify and wait several days for a bank transfer and likely pay fees in the process.   The traditional means of trading in financial markets is coming to an end, so join one of these great bitcoin based trading platforms today .

Bitcoin Forex Trading Platforms

bitcoin forex platform was created specifically for bitcoin users.  Their easy platform lets you signup, deposit bitcoin with 1 block confirmation, then started trading in minutes.  At 1Broker you can use bitcoin to trade Forex pairs, 10 different Indices, 20 major stock markets, gold, silver, oil, and yes, even BTC/USD with 5x leverage.  For the rest of the markets you can trade with anywhere from 15x to 200x leverage, most higher leverage markets being forex.   All your profits are paid out in bitcoin, so once you are finished trading they have a simple 1 click bitcoin withdrawal to get paid.  No need to wait for settlements.

1Broker Banner is a slightly more advanced bitcoin forex trading platform for those who want more features, trading pairs, leverage, etc.

bitcoin forex trading stocks

SimpleFX integrates with MetaTrader 4 software so that experienced traders can fund their account and start trading instantly.  Some traders may want to fund their account in something other than bitcoin, so SimpleFX supports a variety of other deposit methods.

Additional Deposit Methods:

Neteller, Bank Transfer, WebMoney, UnionPay, QIWI Wallet,,,  and AstroPay.

Supported Currencies:


SimpleFX also has a live chat on the website that makes it easy for traders to share their ideas for different markets.  If you want more of a learning experience while you trade then SimpleFX may be the site for you.

Most bitcoin forex trading platforms have basic charts but serious traders should use a better technical analytics platform like TradingView.

1Broker and SimpleFX are the best platforms for trading forex and traditional markets with bitcoin.