Buy Bitcoin in Japan ビットコインを購入

ビットコイン jpy exchange

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Buy bitcoin in Japan with just 3 easy steps:


  1. Signup at one of the bitcoin exchanges below and verify your identity
  2. Transfer 円 ¥ JPY to your account
  3. Place your order to buy bitcoin in Japan with Yen

Places To Buy Bitcoin in Japan is the best place to buy bitcoin in Japan.  Use coincheck to buy bitcoins with JPY, sell bitcoin for JPY, trade bitcoin with leverage, pay your electric bill with bitcoin, and buy alternative cryptocurrencies and blockchain assests.  You can use Coincheck in invest in bitcoins then invest those bitcoin into altcoins to increase your bitcoin investments.   Coincheck currently offers the following blockchain assets:  Factom, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Lisk, Monero, Zcash, Ripple, Augur.

buy bitcoin blockchain asset yen to btc lets citizens of Japan quickly verify their identity and transfer JPY to buy bitcoins.  You can use a bank transfer, credit card, or other payment method to deposit fiat, then buy bitcoins or altcoins when you log in.

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Trade Bitcoin Futures from Japan is the best place to trade high volume bitcoin derivatives.  You can use okcoin to trade bitcoin and litecoin with up to 20x leverage which is great for risk management and higher profit potential.   OKCoin is based in China but services traders worldwide.  After you buy bitcoin with Yen at Coincheck, send them to okcoin to start trading bitcoin for profit. lets you but bitcoin with a credit card almost instantly.  Just signup with your email.

クレジットカードで日本にビットコインを購入 is marketplace that matches you with a bitcoin trader who lives near you.  You choose a seller based on their ratings history, price and payment methods then make a deal.

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The prices tend to be higher because with local bitcoins you don’t need to verify your identity make a bitcoin purchase.  Most bitcoin marketplaces have some sort of Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer policies that require you to verify your identity which for some people is an issue.  Those people are willing to pay more for bitcoins and generally use a service like