How To Buy & Sell Litecoins

Best Ways To Buy Litecoins

There are two ways to buy Litecoin online.  You can buy them directly with a fiat currency (USD, EUR, CNY, etc) or you can buy them with another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.  For most people it is easier to buy Bitcoin first, then buy Litecoin with the Bitcoin.

Lightweight Litecoin wallets:    Electrum-LTC    Jaxx    Exodus  Download then generate an LTC address.

How To Buy Litecoin with Fiat Currency

LTCUSD – Trade Litecoin against The United States Dollar:

  1.  10% off all fees for 30 days

LTCCNY – Trade Litecoin against The Chinese Yuan:

LTCEUR- Trade Litecoin against The Euro

How To Buy Litecoins with CryptoCurrency

LTCBTC – Trade Litecoin against Bitcoin

LTC / ? – Trade Litecoin against bitcoin, ether, or other alternative cryptocurrencies & blockchain assets.

How To Trade Litecoin with Leverage

  •  Trade LTCUSD or LTCBTC on margin with up to 3.33x leverage
  •  Margin trade LTCUSD with up to 5x leverage
  •  Trade litecoin futures contracts up to 20x leverage.  LTCUSD or LTCCNY
  •  Trade litecoin derivatives up to 25x leverage

What Is Litecoin?

Here is a basic overview of the 3 Top CryptoCurrencies in the world

how to buy litecoin online

Updated 5/9/2016