Buy Bitcoin in Africa

Why Are Africans Buying Bitcoin?

The value of African currencies like the Rand are not stable and are trending down.  Bitcoin is new, growing, and price is on the rise.  Buying bitcoin is a way to protect yourself from declining local currencies.  People are also switching to bitcoin because it isn’t always safe to carry large amounts of cash around, when with bitcoin you can store your money on a mobile phone and no one knows you are carrying money.  Africans have started buying bitcoin as a way to store money without risk of fraud, theft, and devaluation.

Where Can You Get Bitcoins In Africa?

It has never been easier buy bitcoinsin Africa.  There are several ways to convert ZAR into BTC, the most popular way is to buy them on a bitcoin exchange website.   If you want to buy bitcoin, signup at one of the websites below and follow their instructions to deposit money and make a bitcoin trade.  If you want to pay with cash or use a currency other than t ZAR, you should use

buy btc with zar in africa is a peer to peer marketplace where sellers list their own terms and prices, then buyers near them fill the order.  Each seller has a rating and feedback to help you choose.  This is the most popular way to buy and sell bitcoins in Africa.

BitX lets you buy bitcoin and sell bitcoin against IDR, MYR, NGN, SDG & ZAR with some limits

bitcoin exchange africa

Use promo code M3X2H for a bonus after you buy .1 BTC or more!

Signup by email, verify your personal information and then transfer some money to your account.  If you are having trouble with a bank transfer, here are a few services that might be able to help:

Buy Bitcoins in Africa with Credit Cards

Here are a few websites that you can use to buy bitcoin with a credit card or debit card. is the worlds favorite place to buy bitcoin with a credit card.  The process only takes a few minutes so you can lock in the price as soon as possible. is another place you can buy a small amount of bitcoin with a credit or debit card.  Indacoin tends to have higher bitcoin prices than Coinmama.

Buy Bitcoin with Paypal in Africa lets users worldwide buy bitcoins using paypal in a few easy steps.  Use your paypal account to buy Second Life Lindens (SSL), then go to the BTC/SSL market to trade the SSL for bitcoins.  After that withdraw your BTC!

Paypal —>  L$ —>  Bitcoin

Buy bitcoins online in Ghana, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, and Nigeria.