Will Bitcoin Futures, change the ‘Future’ of Bitcoin?

With the rising acceptance of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in particular, many giants and financial organizations of the world have set their eyes on its future.  As the bitcoin touched the remarkably high $10,000 mark, it took a plunge to $9,200 before bouncing back and touching the time high $11,500 right in the first week of December 2017. With Bitcoin touching new heights every single day and the unbelievable growth chart it boasts off, the world is eagerly waiting for what more it has to offer.

Because of the nature of cryptocurrency and its core element being decentralization, the governments and centralized banks have no control over its operations, circulation or price surges. It is completely independent, and surprisingly, even miners do not control a bit of it! Just like Gold, Bitcoin does not have any intrinsic value but it is still climbing up the ladder step by step, solely because of the demand to supply ratio.

As the popularity of the coin increases more investors will come to purchase it, and the price will subsequently shoot up. It is simple economics just like in stocks and trading, but what makes cryptocurrency different from stocks is the independence of it. It is not being controlled by an operator who decides its price or who regulates the circulation of the stocks. It started small and feeble, but now it is a bull, even larger and more powerful than the most expensive stocks of the world. Whoever made a statement that it is a bubble that will burst has only been disappointed by its growth.

Seeing the craze of Bitcoin among people and its increasing popularity, big firms like CME and NASDAQ have announced that they will shortly launch ‘Bitcoin futures’, which will allow the US traders to bet on the future price dwindle or surge of Bitcoin in a regulated environment.  Even with regulation speculators and experts predict that Bitcoin futures might make the crypto-market more volatile and risky.

CME is going to launch Bitcoin Futures on 18 December 2017, followed by NASDAQ, who plan to step into the crypto-market in early 2018. Once the gamble on Bitcoin’s future begins, it has two ways from there – either an imminent crash that will soak up a lot of money from investors and crypto-traders, or a record breaking high, which will put a dent into the universe and make Bitcoin the first choice of every investor of the world!

Experts predicted that the price of Bitcoin will touch $10’000 by the end of this year, but December has just begun, and Christmas and New Year are still far away. There is a lot that can happen by the end of this year, and only time will tell what Bitcoin has in store for the world.

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