How To Get Bitcoin in India

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has officially endorsed blockchain technology, encouraging citizens of India to use bitcoin as a way of protecting their money from corruption and fraud.  In a country where mobile devices are more common than wallets, there has never been a better time to buy bitcoin in India.

Where To Buy Bitcoin In India is the most popular way to buy bitcoin Buy Bitcoin Online with Indian Rupeesin India because they make it incredibly easy for people to get started with bitcoin.  Their fast, sleek interfaces allows users to get registered and buy bitcoin in just a few minutes.

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Buy Bitcoin (BTC) with Indian Rupee (INR)

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After you signup you have to deposit INR.  Simply attach your bank account and transfer your desired Rupee into your Unocoin wallet.  When the Rupee bank transfer completes you may choose the bitcoin destination to either be your Unocoin wallet or your own personal bitcoin address.  As you will be using your INR balance to pay for the bitcoin, your order will get processed immediately.  If you don’t have a personal bitcoin wallet you can choose a wallet and generate a bitcoin address here:

Hardware Wallets  – Desktop WalletsMobile Wallets

Bitcoin Investment Strategy

invest rupee into bitcoin india

Unocoin offers a fantastic investment plan as an exciting way to get bitcoins regularly.  Rather than investing all of your money at once, this technique allows you to buy a small amount of bitcoin on a regular basis.  This is a safer and more conservative approach to investing in bitcoin.  Outside of bitcoin this is known as cost averaging, a very common way of minimizing risk in new investments.

Buy Bitcoin with Amazon Gift Cards

Many citizens of India work online in technology, web development or a type of data entry then earn amazon gift cards as payment.  Amazon is great but you often need to save up a lot of them before you can place an order, then you waste money on shipping costs.   Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) employs thousands of people and pays out in Amazon cards, so if you need work go signup there.

mturk earn bitcoin payments Save Money Spending Bitcoin  offers and exciting new way to turn your Amazon gift cards into Bitcoin or Indian Rupees instantly!  If you work on HITs then signup at Purse to convert your amazon cards into REAL money.  The best part?  After you convert $50 in Amazon cards to Bitcoin or Rupees, Purse will pay you a Bonus of 10mBTC, that is over ₹500 Free INR!!!


Buy Bitcoin with Cash

buying btc with cash rupee india bitcoin is the best way to buy bitcoin with Rupees in person from someone who lives near you.  Use their page to find a local seller, each one has a review system, price and terms to help you decide.  Signup for free then choose a seller to buy bitcoin with cash in India.  There are some sellers who still choose to be paid with bank transfer.  LocalBitcoins is the only place to buy bitcoin with a bank without verifying your Identity.