How To Buy Cryptocurrencies – Buy and Sell Altcoins

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Note: Changelly uses your email address to send you receipts to help you keep track of your trades.  If you don’t want a Changelly account, you can enter a fake email address and you will still receive the altcoins you purchase.

You can find wallets to store these altcoins and digital assets at the bottom of this page.

Best Digital Asset Trading Platforms:

Bitfinex – Leading Bitcoin Exhange, Only Lists Mature High Volume Altcoins

Cryptopia – Buy Coins Early, Has The Most Trading Pairs

Poloniex – Leading Altcoin Exchange, Most Traders & Volume

List of Altcoin Trading Platforms

You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets on all of these websites:








Most altcoin trading platforms are easy to use.  Just signup with your email address, then setup 2 factor authentication with your cell phone.  A majority of these websites will let you trade with no identity verification, just deposit bitcoins.  If you want to buy cryptocurrencies with a bank account, signup at Bitfinex.  Use your bank to deposit your local currency, which will be converted to USD, then buy altcoins with USD.  You will need to verify your identity to trade blockchain assets with USD, so most people trade cryptocurrencies with bitcoin. makes it easy to buy and sell crypto currencies.  Follow these simple steps:

  1.  Choose bitcoin or an altcoin to pay with
  2.  Choose which coin you want to receive from Changelly
  3.  Confirm your wallet address
  4. Send your payment
  5. Receive your new crypto coins in 5 to 30 minutes

Need a wallet that supports alternative cryptocurrencies? Try a multi-blockchain wallet like or

Secure Your Altcoins in Hardware Wallets

Try a hardware wallet to securely store your blockchain assets offline.  Ledger wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, Dash (Digital Cash), Litecoin, Zcash & Stratis.  You can also store Ethereum assets on Ledger via

  • Ledger Blue:   In-Stock now for ~$250, ships worldwide  – For business & serious investors.
  • Ledger Nano S:  In-Stock now for ~$65, worldwide shipping –  Cold storage for personal use.

Buy & Sell Altcoins – No Account Required

Changelly offers trading for the following cryptocurrencies, blockchain tokens & digital assets:

Bitcoin – BTC
Wallet:  Exodus

Factom – FCT
Wallet:  Exodus

Ethereum – ETH
Ethereum Tokens:
Augur – REP

Wings DAO – Wings
Chronobank – TIME
Guppy – GUP

Gnosis – GNO
Golem – GNT
Melon – MLN – RLC
SingularDTV – SNGLS
Swarm City – SWT
Trustcoin – TRST
Edgeless – EDG
Wallet:  MyEtherWallet

Ether Classic – ETC
Wallet: MyEtherWallet

Expanse – EXP
Wallet: Coinomi

New Economy Movement – XEM (NEM)
Wallet: Nanowallet

Lisk – LSK
Wallet: Lisk Nano 

Monero – XMR
Wallet: MyMonero

Steem – STEEM
Wallet: SteemIt

Steem Dollar – SBD
Wallet: SteemIt

Zcash – ZEC
Wallet:  Jaxx

Gulden – NLG
Wallet: Gulden

Stratis – STRAT
Wallet: StratusX

Ardor – ARDR
Wallet: Ardor Platform

LBRY Credits – LBC
Wallet: Get LBRY

MaidSafeCoin – MAID
Wallet: OmniWallet

Litecoin – LTC
Wallet:  Exodus

Bytecoin – BCN
Wallet: Bytecoin Wallet

Ripple – XRP
Wallet: Gatehub

Dogecoin – DOGE
Wallet:  Exodus

Synereo – AMP
Wallet: OmniWallet

Nxt – NXT
Wallet: MyNXT

Digital Cash – DASH
Wallet:  Exodus

Dashcoin – DSH
Wallet: Dashcoin Wallet

Radium – RADS
Wallet: RadiumCore

DigitalNote – XDN
Wallet: DigitalNote Wallet

Aeoncoin – Aeon
Wallet: AeonCoin Binaries

Nubits – NBT
Wallet: Nubits Wallet

Fantomcoin – FCN
Wallet: Fantomcoin Wallet

Quazarcoin – QCN
Wallet: Quazarcoin Binaries

Navcoin – NAV
Wallet: Navcoin Core

Waves Platform- Waves
Wallet: Waves Wallet

Private Instant Verified Transactions – PIVX
Wallet: PIVX Wallet

Darcus – DAR
Wallet:  MyNXT

Game Credits – GAME
Wallet: GameCredits Web Wallet

Golos Gold – GBG

Byteball – GBYTE
Wallet: Bytball Wallet

Potcoin – POT
Wallet: Pot Wallet

Syscoin – SYS
Wallet: Syscoin Wallet

For more information about these digital assets, check