How To Buy Cryptocurrencies – Buy & Sell Altcoins

To trade Cryptocurrencies on an exchange website, try Cryptopia (has most currencies) or Poloniex (has most trade volume).

mining altcoins easy makes it easy to buy and sell crypto currencies.  Follow these simple steps:

  1.  Choose bitcoin or an altcoin to pay with
  2.  Choose which coin you want to receive from Changelly
  3.  Confirm your wallet address
  4. Send your payment
  5. Receive your new crypto coins in 5 to 30 minutes

Need a wallet that supports alternative cryptocurrencies? Try a multi-blockchain wallet like or

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Buy & Sell Altcoins – No Account Required

Changelly offers trading for the following cryptocurrencies, blockchain tokens & digital assets:

Bitcoin – BTC

Factom – FCT

Ethereum – ETH

Ether Classic – ETC

Expanse – EXP

New Economy Movement – XEM (NEM)

Lisk – LSK

Monero – XMR

Steem – STEEM

Steem Dollar – SBD

Zcash – ZEC

Gulden – NLG

Stratis – STRAT

Ardor – ARDR

Augur – REP

LBRY Credits – LBC

MaidSafeCoin – MAID

Litecoin – LTC

Bytecoin – BCN

Ripple – XRP

Dogecoin – DOGE

Synereo – AMP

Nxt – NXT

Digital Cash – DASH

Dashcoin – DSH

Radium – RADS

DigitalNote – XDN

Aeoncoin – Aeon

Nubits – NBT

Fantomcoin – FCN

Quazarcoin – QCN

For more information about these digital assets, check