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Have you every tried to book flights with bitcoin?  The travel industry has always been extremely competitive and every major company claims to have the best prices by undercutting others.   It is easy to understand why travel agencies who compete for razor thin margins would avoid letting customers book flights with bitcoin just because of the price volatility, but one progressive company has put an end to the negative stigma around digital currencies.


In November of 2013, CheapAir became the first online travel agency in the world to let customers book flights with bitcoin.  It all started when a customer asked one of their travel advisers ‘Can I pay with bitcoin for my flight?’.  That simple question made its way to the development team and CEO, Jeff Klee, who must have noticed that bitcoin was special that he had to be a part of.  It took a few months of research, internal discussion and planning but CheapAir ultimately decided that they wanted to make it easy for their customer to book flights with bitcoin:

“We’re always interested in making booking flights as easy as possible for our customers…. we’re always thrilled to be the first to try something exciting and new—and Bitcoin felt like an instant fit.”

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Why Use CheapAir To Book Flights With Bitcoin?

CheapAir always strives to provide a high quality and easy to use booking engine, and they offer great perks for using their service.  For example, they are the only online travel agency who offers Price Drop Payback.  That means if the price goes down after you buy a ticket, they’ll give you a travel credit for the difference, up to $100.  Not only do they take a huge risk by accepting bitcoin in a very competitive market, they have safeguards in place to make sure you get the best deal when you book flights with bitcoin.  Try It Now!

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