Buy Bitcoin in Canada

Easiest Way To Buy Bitcoin in Canada


Buy Bitcoin with Cash in Canadabuy bitcoin in canada is an alternative way to buy bitcoins in Canada.  Instead of depositing CAD to an online exchange, you use localbitcoins to find a seller near you in Canada.  They have a feedback system similar to Amazon or Ebay to help you decide who to buy from, then how to pay for the bitcoin.  Most bitcoin sellers ask for a cash deposit to you local bank, or to meetup in person to exchange the cash.  There is often a price markup when buying through localbitcoins but it can be worth the premium to not have to rely on wire transfers from banks.


Buy Bitcoin with Credit Cards in Canada is the fastest way to buy bitcoins with a credit card in Canada.  It’s as easy as shopping online.  Punch in your credit or debit card details then choose how much you want to buy.  There is a slight markup above market prices when you use Coinmama but it is perfect if you need to buy a smaller amount bitcoin instantly.  You will experience that same markup at most Bitcoin ATMs.

CoinMama: Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card