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Bitcoin Price Charts for Technical Analysis Interactive Bitcoin Price Chart – Signup at Coinbase for $10 in free bitcoin

High quality bitcoin price charts can be hard to find and if you’re investing in or trading bitcoin you’ll want the best charting tools available. Most people who look for bitcoin price charts only want to see a live price chart, but technical traders need to be able to scale the charts back and easily view historical data from all bitcoin exchanges AND have a plethora of indicators at your disposal.

TradingView has fantastic bitcoin price charts because they cater to all major financial markets and host the same intelligent drawing tools that are used by the wolves of wall street.  In addition to the live bitcoin price charts for the biggest bitcoin exchanges you can set alarms to go off when the price of bitcoin hits your targets.  Here are some other cool features you will experience at TradingView:

  • Easy platform to publish your own bitcoin charts and price ideas
  • Live chats with other traders who in your market, share your ideas and learn from other people
  • Script integration to create your own bitcoin price indicators
  • Search bar to check ideas for any market from top traders worldwide
  • Near euphoric sense of entitlement when you publish your first successful chart

TradingView has a huge list of free features for anyone to start using bitcoin price charts, but to become a successful trader you need to have all the charting features available.  TradingView offers Pro memberships that will unlock perks like:

bitcoin value chart

  • Hotlists
  • Dedicated backup feeds
  • Multiple Watchlists
  • No Sponsored Ads
  • Unlimited Charts
  • Unlimited Indicators
  • Extended Trading Hours
  • Intraday Spreads
  • Volume Profile Indicators
  • Phone Support


Obviously TradingView will accept bitcoin as payment for their memberships but why pay if your don’t have to?  Use the link below for a free trial to utilize all features on your bitcoin price charts.  If you buy a membership during your free trial you will receive a 50% discount.

Free PRO Plus Membership 30-Day Trial

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