Buy Bitcoin No ID Required

Why To Buy Bitcoin Anonymously

It can be hard to buy bitcoins privately.  Most online bitcoin exchanges force you to verify your identity and some go as far as making users upload a photo of themselves holding their ID just to make a purchase.   This is not secure, leaves people prone to identity theft and its extremely invasive.  Below are a list of ways you can buy some bitcoin without leaving yourself vulnerable to social engineering.

Buy Bitcoin With Cash Privately

Here are some websites that will connect you with a person selling bitcoins for cash.  It’s normal to pay up to 25% above market price when buying bitcoins anonymously.  I would be suspicious if someone was offering anonymous bitcoins for less than a 5%  markup.  – Worldwide peer to peer bitcoin market.  Choose a seller based on reviews, price and payment method.   For more anonymity, find a seller who will meetup in person for a cash trade.   Most sellers request that you deposit cash into their bank account.  Most banks don’t ID for cash deposits but it is possible you will get ID, especially if you are buying in large volume. – Buy bitcoin with cash via Western Union.  Buy bitcoin with prepaid VISA or MASTERCASD.  Coinmama operates in most countries but is currently only available in 18 of 50 States of America.