Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

Many people who trade bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies have seen how volatile the markets can be, making it difficult to keep track of your profit / loss across all bitcoin markets and exchanges.  There are several programs you can use to try and manage your portfolio but most require you to manually enter your trades and they don’t recognize alt coins.  With alt coins like Ethereum gaining real credibility, more people are going to dive into the altcoin ecosystems.  There is going to be some real money in these alt markets so a more diverse bitcoin portfolio tracker is going be appealing to professional traders.

CoinTracking has integrated trade tracking for over 20 of the most popular exchanges for both bitcoin and altcoins.

altcoin profolio tracker

Most bitcoin traders use either Bitfinex, Coinbase, or OKCoin and most altcoin traders use Bittrex or Poloniex so this service is ideal for anyone who trades crypto currencies.

They keep data of all the current and historical prices for all 3882 existing blockchain based cryptocurrencies so you will get a complete review of your trade performance history.

CoinTracking will analyze all your trades and generate tons of real time information to help you make informed decisions.  You’ll know the current value of your coins, balances of each, realized and unrealized gains for each market, the reports you need for tax declaration upon a complete trade, and much much more.

One of the must-use tools is the bitcoin tax calculator.  You don’t need to understand all the laws to declare your taxes on bitcoin related trades, just import your exchange data and CoinTracking will do the rest!

Personal Bitcoin Portfolio Services

bitcoin tax declaration

CoinTracking makes it so easy to monitor your bitcoin accounts, all you have to do is punch in your exchange API keys to automatically import the data.  From there you will see interactive charts and calculations of key indicators for whatever markets you are trading.  If you don’t want to use API, you can import a simple CVS then calculate and declare your bitcoin taxes in just a few clicks.

Bad News: Most of features are FREE but some premium services you have to pay for.

Good News:  You can pay for account upgrades with bitcoin.

Best News:  You can save 10% if you sign up with this link