Cool Services That Use Bitcoin

Use Bitcoin In Ways You Never Thought Possible

how to use bitcoin

There are plenty of ways to use bitcoin, even at businesses that don’t publicly accept bitcoin.  These days there is a high demand for fresh bitcoins so many new companies are trying to bridge the gap between bitcoin and the rest of the financial world by mediating transactions.

Have you tried to use bitcoin to buy pizza? lets your order pizza from your local pizza hut, dominos, papajohns, etc, and use bitcoins to pay for it.  Find a pizza place near you that delivers and checkout at pizzaforcoins, send the bitcoin and they will place your food order within 10 minutes.

Want to use bitcoin to pay for your morning coffee?  No problem!  Fold mobile app lets use bitcoin and gives you a great discount.  Just load up your fold account with some BTC, they will credit your app with a Starbucks gift card that you can let your Starbucks barista scan to pay.  The best part?  You get a 20% discount.  If you want a $10 starbucks card you only have to load your account with $8 in BTC.

Are you rich?  Bitrich?  Have something really nice that you want to sell for bitcoin?  Try, a high end anonymous marketplace for using bitcoin to buy luxury products & services.

luxury bitcoin marketplace


If you want to use bitcoin to buy a $400,000 Ferrari or some oceanfront property in the Bahamas, then BitPremier is the marketplace for you!   All listings are verified and BitPremier mediates the transaction with an escrow service.


Have a small business or website that you want to promote? has a huge variety of freelancers & entrepreneurs who offer great services for as low as $5.  Need a logo made?  $5.  Want a custom Jingle or video promotion to put on your youtube channel?  $5.  Fiverr has just about anything you need for only $5, and you can use bitcoin to pay for it.  Alternatively, if you have a service to offer you can sign up and post it for free!  If someone is willing to pay $5 for it, you can make bitcoin on fiverr.


Use Bitcoin for Micro-Tipping

One of the coolest ways to use bitcoin is by tipping content creators.  Have you ever read a blog, watched a video or laughed at a web comic and thought ‘wow that was awesome, shut up and take my money’ ? Well, ChangeTip lets you use bitcoin to show your appreciation!  ChangeTip started years ago on, letting users send bitcoin to each other with a simple comment.   What is great about ChangeTip is that you can give bitcoin to anyone, not just people to actively accept bitcoin.  Part of the fun in micro-tipping is introducing new people into the bitcoin ecosystem in an exciting way.   ChangeTip has evolved to the point where it is integrated with almost every major social network, so you can tip just about any person in the world.  The best part?  You can just log in with any of your accounts:

use bitcoin with changetip

Once you sign in, just deposit some bitcoin or buy a little bit with Coinbase.  Then you can setup special ‘monikers’ to tip someone for their content or idea.  Each moniker has a specific value that you set, so you can choose how much bitcoin to use, or set the value in fiat and let changetip manage the bitcoin aspect.

use bitcoin with changetip

This method of micro-tipping for content creators could change how the internet works.  Right now people have to use Paypal or a credit card processing company, who don’t allow small transactions and they take a huge portion of the money themselves for mediating the transaction.  ChangeTip lets you use bitcoin with as little friction and fees as possible to send small transactions to any person in the world, for whatever reason you want!